Green is the new black.

Enhancing landscapes and controlling erosion is what we do. In today’s world, that comes in a large of array of solutions from conventional hydroseeding to full erosion control plans for shorelines, construction zones, and exposed surfaces.

With over 25 years experience in landscaping and horticulture, combined with water and soil testing expertise, we use the latest technologies and best in breed products to solve your most difficult re-vegetation, erosion and sediment control problems from backyards to major development projects.

Situated in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, our team is ready to mobilise throughout Australia.

Hydroseeding Preparation & Process

At Hydroseeding Australia we can mange the whole process for you – from soil prep, drainage and irrigation etc. We have all the machines at our fingertips to manage and complete the job large or small.

Our Equipment

  • 4WD truck for easy access to hard to each places

  • Isuzu FTS750 Rigid Truck with Finn T120 Hydroseeder
    4500L tank capacity with canon and hose application

  • TurfMaker Hydroseeder
    1200L tank capacity

  • TurfMaker 550 Hydroseeder

Industries We Service

  • Civil
  • Mining

  • Environmental

  • Horticulture

  • Recreation
  • Rail

  • Power networks

  • Oil and Gas

  • Councils

  • Government

Growing Guarantee Program

Hydroseeding Australia’s Aftercare Quality Control Service

At Hydroseeding Australia, we take enormous pride in what we do. To ensure the integrity of our work is maintained through to delivery of a successful product, we recommend you take advantage of our quality care program – Hydroseeding Australia’s ‘growing guarantee program’. Incorporating return site visits to inspect, test, fertilise and spray (if necessary) the project for any perennials, you can either engage us to complete the program on your behalf or choose a DIY approach with all recommended products available to purchase through us.